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KollectALL V8! V8.0

KollectALL V8! V8.0

KollectALL V8! Publisher's Description

Introducing KollectAll V8!

Copyright Niche Software Inc 2006 - US Patent Pending The FREEDOM to collect in your own way and style is finally here!

Forget everything you have ever heard or thought a collecting program should be! With KollectAll V8! you can collect anything and everything you want, then customize each collectible with its own unique template, you can even import and export templates from other collectors and our web site.

We include over 40 base templates to get you started, just select the one that most closely matches what you are collecting and then modify it to exactly match that collectible. Each folder you create can have its own customized template for that collectible.

You can even rename the program, simply click on the Kustomizer! option on the programs top tool bar and you can change the name of the program from KollectAll V8! to whatever you want, Bills Coin Shoppe, My Beanies, Our Collecting, etc.

Hey it's your collection, once you buy KollectAll V8! it's your software so why not be able to change the name and splash screen?

Additionally you can add a favorite picture to the start up and main splash screens to really give the program a customized look and feel, simply click on the "Change Program Image" option and then select the image you want from your computer, it could be your Dog, Cat, favorite collectible, your store front etc.

OK, so your saying, I only need KollectAll V8! for anything and everything I collect, just this one program?
YES! With KollectAll V8! you can create folders for anything that you collect and customize the item screen for each folder to reflect your preferred collecting style or language (yes you can changes the labels to Spanish, Dutch, German, etc.). What that means is, each type of collectible in your collection has a unique customized item screen for that collectible, not just a "one size fits all" item screen that you try to make work for everything you collect.

THAT'S RIGHT! Individualized, customized and in your language, for each collectible in your collection! Our exclusive Kustomizer! lets you do this.

The Kustomizer! What's that?
The Kustomizer!
CopyrightNiche Software Inc 2006 - US Patent Pending The Kustomizer! is our exclusive copyrighted and Patent pending process that allows you to easily customize KollectAll V8! for anything you collect.
How does it work?
Simple, start KollectAll V8! and follow the EZ steps.

1. Click "ADD" to start the folder creation process.
2. Select a templates from a list of over 40 different types of collectible!
3. Name the new folder and the open the folder.
4. Click on the "Kustomizer" option at the top of the Item screen.
5. Customize the Item screen labels.
6. Save the new Template you just created.
7. Open the folder and BAMB! there are your custom changes.

It's that simple Create, Select, Kustomizer! and Collect!

Wait a minute, did you say over 40 different collecting templates are included?
That's right, over 40 different templates are included in KollectAll V8!

Over 40 collecting templates are included in KollectAll V8! to help get you started. We are so sure that you will say KollectAll V8! is the greatest collecting program ever created (if you don't your probably one of our competitors trying to figure out how we did this), just ask for your money back, you have nothing to lose, but we know that you are going to say:

"This is the greatest collecting program I have ever seen!"

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